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Pink Balls Face Massager

Pink Balls Face Massager

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Sculpt · Tone · Rejuvenate
Contour your face and body with this smooth-rolling massager.
  • Relieves muscle tension (and helps get rid of toxins too).
  • Mimics the effects of a professional facial massage to visibly tone, chisel, and stimulate your skin for all-day radiance.
  • Stimulates facial muscles to help bring blood and oxygen to that area – a natural form of anti-aging.
  • Applies pressure to areas around your lymph nodes to speed up your body’s biological filtration process, i.e. gives your lymph nodes a leg up.

How To Use:

  • If using the ice roller, always use it first to de-puff the face.
  • Then apply a serum or oil to ensure things roll smoothly.
  • Next, gently roll pink balls face massager upwards along the cheeks and jawline, even the nose area. if you’re feeling extra (we always are), roll downward on your neck to drain the lymphatic system or even on the décolletage, or any area of your body that needs some extra love.
  • Once finished, continue with your skincare routine. 

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